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35+ outstanding facts about swimming 🏊

    Facts-about-swimming Swimming is amazing and swimmers have many capabilities. They are able to do weirdest things. Today we will know some amazing facts about swimming which shake you. So let's know # 1 Did you know the more then half population does not know how to swim. About 4 billion peoples. Facts-about-swimming # 2 The earliest know evidence of swimming is in the stone age painting. # 3 Did you know people swam as early as 10,000 years ago. # 4 The longest breath hold world record in the water is 24 minutes 33 seconds. Which is held by Spanish freediver Aleix Segura Vendrell. Facts-about-swimming # 5 A normal person without training panicked at about 30 seconds. # 6 But a healthy person with a proper training hold his/her breath in the water for more then 2 minutes. # 7 A normal free diver hold his/her breath in the water for 10 minutes. Facts-about-swimming # 8 Did you know you use every muscle of your body in the swimming. Even you use more mu