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Top 45+ outstanding facts about tokyo 🎡

Top 45+ outstanding facts about tokyo 🎡 Hey dear 😘 today we will know some amazing and interesting facts about tokyo which shake you. Are you ready????��# # 1 Did you know the tokyo city settled as a small fishing village in 3000bc. # 2 Its name is not always tokyo. Its first name is edo. Its change  into tokyo when the emperior of japan announced it the capital of japan. # 3 Did you know their are 882 rail stations in the tokyo metropolis. # 4 The shinjuku station of tokyo is the busiest station of  the world. More than 3.7 million peoples pass through the station every day. # 5 Did you know shinjuku station has 36 platforms and 200 exists. # 6 Did you know as a tourist you can  take advantage of tax free in tokyo shipping you need just your passport. # 7 You see sleeping people in japan everywhere at the parks, at the stations even at shops or malls. # 8 Did you know dear you meet a new vending machine in tokyo in each 12 meter. # 9 The vending machines

15+ shocking facts about the greenland|FACTS ABOUT GREENLAND

Hey we all know the green land as  a land of ice. Where earth is covered with fully ice. Today we will know some amazing and interesting facts about greenland which shake your whole body. Are you ready??? #  1 Did you know the ice covers fourth-fifth pat of the greenland about 80% part of greenland . #  2 Did you know the the greenland us world biggest island of the world. #  3 The Ilulissat Icefjord, is located just 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle on Greenland’s west coast. The UNESCO announced it the world largest and ice site of the world. Which cover over 400 square kilometers. #  4 It also a world 's activate ice site which calving the ice at a rate of 35 cubic kilometres in a year. #  5 Did you know in the 2016 the greenland announced the world top 10 visiting  sites in the world.   #  6  Green land is the world largest island of the world but it also have the world's lowest density in the world. It contains just 56,000 peoples who live their. #  7 Did you know