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❤9 hacks that improve your social skills💯

❤ 9 ways to enhance your social skills 💯 You can go very far in your life without being so smart, but you can't go very far without good social skills. That's one thing many of most successful people of the world have common. Yet, social skills are not really taught in schools, want to know how to more social?  Here are 9 simple things to do that make you more simple.  1. Eye contact👀 No matter you are listening or speaking eye contact is important. Its a easiest ways to show your confident, confident and interested in conversation.  2. y💯  Etiquette has two parts manners and conformity. Demonstrating proper etiquette for a situation shows respect for those you are communicating with.  It also shows that you know how to behave in a particular social situation.   3. Humour 🤗 making someone laugh and laughing with them is a great feeling. When you laugh together , it creates an instant connection and feeling of comfort and it's a real ice breaker.  4. Empathy👍 It is har


❤ 10 ways to build trust in a relationship💯 Indeed,trust is the need of every healthy relationship. It is a kind of magical glue that hold all type of relationships Of course, we all are humans and none of us is perfect. We do mistakes and those mistakes can cost us to lose our partner's trust. But rebuilding trust in relationships is possible and easy. It's all depend on you , whether you want to make your relationship healthy again or not. Here are 10 ways that make your relationship more trusty.  1. Keep promises If you've made a commitment to someone that you are going to keep your words. The right and moral thing to do is Keep that promise. If you want to show some one that you are trust worthy , you have to keep the promises about the little things just as much as big things. If you break a promise you gave your partner , it is the same as if you lied to them. If you continue to make promises and then repeatedly break them, you will most definitely loose your partne

❤10 hacks to be more happy💯

 10 ways to be more happy💯 Feeling happy is a state of your mind. A rich person can go miserable and unhappy for not having some little thing in his life. And a homeless dude can feel happy for a hot shower and a cooked meal from local peoples Feeling happy is a just a state mind. But what if when you feel unhappy without anything. Here are some easy ways to get ride from this situation.  1. Notice your thought Become aware of your thoughts! How do you feel know. Are emotions, happy and overwhelmed? They create your feeling according to dr . david burns, in his book ,feeling good. You can start thinking more positive thoughts by saying affirmations. They can shift your mood to a happy vibration by repeating them . 2. Take yourself in the beauty of nature Go and take a walk in the nature notice flowers and plants you like. Take some time to observe them . As you recognise their beauty features, your mood get shift with your thoughts. Nature is one of the best and easiest ways to make y

10 Two minutes habits that change your life

 ❤ 10 2 minutes habits that can change your life  💯 You want to get healthier. You should join a yoga class and gym and you should do a lot of activities to get a healthier life style. But if it seems overwhelming and you are just not sure what direction to head in- start small. You don't need to revamp your whole life at once. You can move toward a healthier life style easily by following these 11 habits as your daily routine.  They only take a few minutes, and they have tremendous health returns.  1. Focus on breathing When you feel anxious , disrupt the ease and flow of your breath. You might not been notice these slight disruptions because your body manage additional works,According to american psychological association.  But doing normal breathing restores your energy and focus. There are so many different breathing exercise that you can try , but some May take longer to do. Belly breathing is a basic exercise which is a quick stress reliever.  Sit or lie in a comfy position