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💯10 proven tips for deep sleep💤

💯10 proven tips for deep sleep💤

 A good sleep is important like a daily food and exercise. 

This is a basic need of human being.

And we know a bad sleep lead a lot of irritation and head ache it also invite a lot of disease in your body.

But in this article you will know some proven techniques. That gives you a relaxing and deep sleep.

 1. Do exercise and workout daily 💪

Doing a regular exercise improve your sleep a lot. 

And the result of doing exercise comes from first day in your sleep.

Researchers shows that daily exercise of 30 minutes increase your sleep time 41 minutes and it also improve deep sleep.

In the case of insomnia exercise effect our sleep a lot. It reduce time to fall asleep by 55%. Total night weakfullness by 30%.

 2. Don't consume coffee late in the day.🍮

Coffee have a great number of benefits it consume by more then 90% us population.

A single dose of coffee improve our energy and focus.

But it is very dangerous for sleep it stimulate our body which keep us awake on the bed.

Coffee live in our body 6 to 7 hours after taking. 

So you have to ban coffee 6 to 7 hours before bed.

 3. Reduce blue light in night 👓

Blue light in the day is beneficial but blue light in night eat our deep sleep.

Blue light trick your brain thinking into it is still day. And your brain stay in active mode instead of rest.

Blue light also reduce the relaxing harmonies in our body like melatonin which keep us awake make difficulties in our sleep.

Blue light comes from electronic devices like mobile,laptop e.t.c

There are some popular ways to block blue light.

Wear a glass that block blue light

Download app and software in your device which reduce blue light from your device 

Turn off all devices 2 hours before sleep for deep and relaxing sleep 

 4. Reduce naps in the day😮

Short naps in the day are beneficial for you it increase your energy and improve your focus.

But a long daytime effect your sleep badly. 

Long nap in the daytime confuse your internal clock. And you don't get tired in the night for sleep after a long nap in day.

For a relax in day and a better sleep at night you have to take a nap of 20 to 30 minutes.

According to NASA a 26 minutes nap is perfect for a proper rest and better night sleep.

 5. Start sleep and wake at consistent time 🕛

Your body's cicadium rythm functions on a set loop. It align itself with sunset and sunrise.

Being consistent with a sleep time lead a better sleep.

Because when your sleep time and wake time is consist. your body automatically realese some relaxing harmones at sleep time.

It also wake you up at your baking time.

studies shows that people who have irregular sleep pattern they feel a poor sleep quality then those who have a set sleep pattern.

 6. Set a pre-sleep routine🌜

 Many people follow a pre sleep routine that helps them to fall asleep easily and 

They also get a deep sleep.

Pre-sleep routine also helps you to beat insomnia. 

A relaxing massage before sleep improve your sleep a lot.

You have to do some relaxing work in your pre sleep routine like reading a book,taking a hot bath,meditation,deep breathing and listening a relaxing music.

 7. Increase bright light during day☀

Your body has a natural clock. 

It effects our body and brain to keep us energized and awake.

But when it doesn't get enough light in the day it get confused and make our sleep poor.

Natural sunlight in the day keep our body clock healthy and improve day time energy with night sleep.

 8. Optimize your bedroom environment 🌅

Environment of your bedroom effect your sleep a lot. 

Temperature,noise,external lights and comfort on your bed are some important asset of your bedroom. 

Studies shows that noise in your bedroom,often from traffic and other sources can cause poor sleep quality and lead some long term health issues.

 9. Don't eat late in the evening 🌽

Eating late at night negatively effect our sleep and it also effect releasing hormones in our body like melatonin and HGH.

The quality and type of our late night snack play a role in our sleep.

A study found that a high carb meal eaten before 4 hours of bed improve your sleep and also help to fall asleep faster.

10. Dont'drink alcohol at night negatively effect on your sleep hormones.😥

Alcohol alters nighttime melatonin production, which play a important role in your sleep.


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