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💕Top 10 toxic morning🌅habits that ruin your day☹

❤8 ways to boost your self confidence at another level💯

❤8 ways to boost your self confidence at another level💯 Healthy confidence means we feel good about ourselves. Confidence reflects our beliefs in ourselves and our ability to succeed. If you struggling with low self confidence you might be seeing yourself as unworthy and useless. A little self confidence improve your resilience , help you to reach at your peak and also helps you to attracts success in our life. So here are some exercises and practice that helps you to develop a high self esteem and confidence.  1. Mindful meditation😊 Mindfulness is often described as our basic ability to be totally aware in the present movement. Mindfulness boosts your self awareness.  Mindful meditation can improve your mood,increase your optimist,and boost your self respect.  2. Gratitude🙏 Robort emmons a leading gratitude researcher proves that keeping a gratitude journal can be one of the most powerful tool for improve your mood,and enhancing your both psychical and mental health.  Try counting

10 ways to wake up early with high energy

🌜10 ways to wake up early with high energy💯  Waking up early have a huge number of health benefits it can boost our energy and focus a lot.  So here are 8 simple tips that can help you to wake up early.   1. Go to sleep early 👍 Training your body to fall asleep earlier help you a lot to rise earlier each morning. Most of us should aim to get a sleep of 7 to 8 hours each night. Less sleep can cause you to struggle with waking up early.  2. Unplug before bed☹ Unplugging from smartphones and laptop about 30 minutes before sleep can gives you a better and relaxing sleep. According to the sleep judge, the blue light from screens disturb the relaxing harmones in your body like melatonin.  And making it more difficult you to fall asleep.  An earlier bedtime with out interference gives a relaxing and happier sleep that helps you a lot to waking up early.  3. Avoid late night eating 🍮 ives you an extra boost in your alertness and focus but consuming it before bed badly effect your sleep.

💕10+ habits that make you more creative🙄

  💕10+ habits that make you more creative🙄 Creative people are amazing some people are highly creative from their childhood. But creativity is not birth blessing Good news is that   every person being creative by adopting some habits.  So here are 10 Habits that make you creative.  1. Wake up early 🌅 Waking up early have a huge number of benefits. Waking up early also makes you more creative.  Because at this time the frontal cortex ( a part which is responsible for creativity) is on its peak. I personally suggest you to spend some time alone without music.   It gives your mind some time for show its creativity.    2. Do daydreaming 😊 Doing day dreaming makes you more creative.  Because you know outer world have many of limitations.  But in your brain you are free to do anything.  Your free thinking makes you more creative.  A 2012 study shows that daydreaming help us to consolidate memories and improve our long term decision making power. A 2013 meta analysis shows that day dre

💯10 proven tips for deep sleep💤

💯10 proven tips for deep sleep💤  A good sleep is important like a daily food and exercise.  This is a basic need of human being. And we know a bad sleep lead a lot of irritation and head ache it also invite a lot of disease in your body. But in this article you will know some proven techniques. That gives you a relaxing and deep sleep.  1. Do exercise and workout daily 💪 Doing a regular exercise improve your sleep a lot.  And the result of doing exercise comes from first day in your sleep. Researchers shows that daily exercise of 30 minutes increase your sleep time 41 minutes and it also improve deep sleep. In the case of insomnia exercise effect our sleep a lot. It reduce time to fall asleep by 55%. Total night weakfullness by 30%.  2. Don't consume coffee late in the day.🍮 Coffee have a great number of benefits it consume by more then 90% us population. A single dose of coffee improve our energy and focus. But it is very dangerous for sleep it stimulate our body which keep us

17+ Signs👍 of that you are a highly 👁creative person💯

17+ signs👍of that you are a highly 👁creative person💯 t  1. You beat your own drum🕶  Creative people hate rules ,guidelines and comfortimity. Thinking in the box is not sign of creativity. Creative people do things at their own terms.   2. You are a day dreamer🌅  Mostly creative people are day dreamer they spend a lot of time in their head, thinking about the crazy thing and crazy problems which never exists. Thinking about what to in the case of alien attack, or about a new life on mars.  3. Your mind work 24×7👁 If you don't do day dreaming ,you are solving puzzles,planning your next holiday. You keep your mind busy 24 hours. 4. You love books 🤗 Since old times creative people have a big affair with books. They just want to know some new things through books.  5. You wear super comfortable cloths👕 If you are irritated by the rough feel certain febric, or the tight pair of pants and t-shirts. And you find some super comfy clothes. That means you are highly creative perso