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Top 10+ quick ways to keep your house cool in this summer

  Quick waysπŸ‡ to keep your house πŸ›Œcool this summerπŸŒ… Summer is a great time for cold drinks and beaches. But we spend our majority of time at our home. But home fall too warm in summers. Which spoil all the joy of summers. But here are 10 + ways to make your summer better. # 1 ice  This is the quick way to get cooling in just minutes.   You have to place a bunch of ice cubes in font of fan. Ice make the fan air more cooler. which gives you feeling like heaven. # 2 warm colors  Feeling hot is also effected by our surroundings. Warm colors like orange,red and reddish gives you a feeling of warmness. You feel more hot when these around you. The way to get ride from these colors is simple. You have to just change your warm color bedsheets into light color bedsheets like blue and white. Curtains too # 3 keep sun rays out  Restricting the entry of sun in your house is the great way to keep your house cool. You have to just install some curtains on your windows. Make su

Top 32+ psychological facts about sarcastic people πŸ™ƒ

  Top 32+ psychological facts about 😘 sarcastic people πŸ™ƒ Sarcasm is sometimes good for some situations. People who often use sarcasm they are really different from others in some things. Today we will know some psychological facts about sarcasm. # 1 People who use sarcasm often they are more creative and intelligent then others. # 2 Sarcastic people don't give up easily they do more hard and smart work for something. # 3 Sarcastic peoples are more likely to do research and planning before starting their work. # 4 Sarcastic peoples are more likely to do research and planning before starting their work. # 5 Sarcastic peoples have more problem solving skills then other peoples.. # 6.  A sarcasm increase the activity of listener mind. And it also increase the activity of speaker. # 7 This found in many studies that sarcasm Calm down any situation easily. # 8 Most of the people's take a break to understand sarcasm when some one use sarcasm on them. # 9

35+ crispy facts about the bird dodo 🐀

   35+ crispy facts about the bird dodo 🐀  The dodo bird is one of the most famous Bird of the world. It found only on one island in past. Today we will knows some amazing and fascinating facts about dodo bird. # 1 The dodos were live only on the island mauritius in the ancient time. # 2 The average height of  dodo 3 feet. Sometimes they go up to 3.3 feets. # 3 The average weight of a dodo is 23 to 47 pound. # 4 The average life span of a dodo is unknown and mystery. # 5 According to scientists and researchers the average life span of a male dodo is 17 years. And 21 years is life span of a female dodo. # 6 The dodos were not exist today. And the last dodo was seen in the wildlife in 1662. # 7 Dodos was flightless birds they have not power of flying. # 8 Dodos had large head. Their head is around 9 inches-long. # 9 Dodos was not able to fly. But they run very fast. # 10 The running speed of dodos not capture in any camera. But scientist says that by t
  Psychological facts about sex πŸ’‹  Sex is amazing and we all love to do it time to time. Today you will know some psychological facts about sex. Which helps you a lot to understand sex and you also improve your self in sex after reading these facts. # 1 Drinking water before sex leads a better sex performance and a better orgasms. # 2 Did you know after two or three yeas, the sexual satisfaction begins to die in most couples. # 3 Did you know an average healthy man ejaculates enough sperm in two weeks to pregnant every women in the world. # 4 Men really wants women to orgasms while sex. # 5 If a women is not "responsive" or "engaged" during sex. It leads suspicion and distrust. # 6 Did you know the average person do 103 time sex in a year. # 7 The lower cholesterol of both (men's and  womens) improve performance on bed. # 8 Frequent sex may improve a man's sperm quality or increase fertility. # 9 Sex decrease the risk of a men su


  72+ psychological facts about girls πŸ’‹ Understanding​ girls is really difficult. But today I tell you  some amazing hacks and psychological facts about girls. Which helps you a lot to understand girls. And also understand guys by reading 85+ facts about guys . You get link at the end of post. # 1 Did you now girls attracts more on those guys who have a great sense of humour.   # 2 Girls are genetically more sensitive then guys. # 3 Girls like those guys Who have broad shoulders. # 4 Girls attract on those guys who bear with what they feel. # 5 Did you know girls love  gentalmens then bad boys. # 6 Girls love those guys who have ability to defend and protect them. # 7 Girls are physically weaker then guys but they are  mentally stronger then guys. #  8 A study found that girls always prefer to date those guys who are older then them. # 9 Girls are very smart in hiding secrets. A girls keep secret in the dark for lifetime. # 10 Girls like those guys who are