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Top 45+ outstanding facts about tokyo 🎡

Top 45+ outstanding facts about tokyo 🎡

Hey dear 😘 today we will know some amazing and interesting facts about tokyo which shake you.

Are you ready????��#

# 1
Did you know the tokyo city settled as a small fishing village in 3000bc.

# 2
Its name is not always tokyo. Its first name is edo.

Its change  into tokyo when the emperior of japan announced it the capital of japan.

# 3
Did you know their are 882 rail stations in the tokyo metropolis.

# 4
The shinjuku station of tokyo is the busiest station of  the world.

More than 3.7 million peoples pass through the station every day.

# 5
Did you know shinjuku station has 36 platforms and 200 exists.

# 6
Did you know as a tourist you can  take advantage of tax free in tokyo shipping you need just your passport.

# 7
You see sleeping people in japan everywhere at the parks, at the stations even at shops or malls.

# 8
Did you know dear you meet a new vending machine in tokyo in each 12 meter.

# 9
The vending machines of japan not only provides cold drinks or chips.

You get here clothes,bubble gums even you get a hot and mouth watering pizza in 3 minutes by a vending machine.

# 10
Their more then 100 college and universities in the tokyo.

# 12
So more then 30% students of the japan comes in tokyo for high level study.

# 13
Did you know more then 3.2 billion people anually using transportation in the tokyo.

# 14
The sky tree tower of the tokyo is the world's longest tower of the world after the Eiffel tower of france.

# 15
Did you know the tokyo tower repainted  in every 5 yeas. And it tooks 28000 liters of pain to completely repaint.

# 16
Their was a tokyo tower in the japan.

The people of japan believe in that your love will last longer if the lights of tokyo tower turn of with your loving partner.

# 17
Tokyo is a city with the most neon signs in the world.

# 18
Tsukiji is the  fish market of tokyo which provide more then 400 diferent types of sea food.

# 19
Did you know  more then 6000 different different parks in the tokyo.

Which covers 10 square km part of tokyo

# 20
Did you know their are more then 38 million peoples live in the tokyo which makes them the largest and biggest metropolitan area of the world.

# 21
The disney land of tokyo is the first outsider disney land. Of the world.

And more then 20,000 employes work here.

# 22
Tokyo has the lowest crime rate in the world.

And the crime against tourist are very very rare.

So the tokyo visiting is safe for you and for your lovers.

# 23
Tokyo city have some capsule hotels. Where you sleep in a capsule for a night.


# 24
Tokyo have a shopping place in ginza. Which is much older then the iconic time square of new york.

And it is also the busiest shopping area of tokyo.

# 25
Did you know the ritz carlton hotel of the tokyo.
And you have to pay 22,880€ for stay only one night in this hotel.

# 26
Did you know push passengers onto a crowded train during rush hours is a job here.


And these jobs done by "oshiya" which means pushers.


# 27
Did you know their are 5 enormous cylindrical shaft underneath of tokyo.
Which fill with water in the case of flood.

So the flood never destroy the tokyo.

# 28
Harajuku district of tokyo famous for its own unique fashion. This district is also said to show the expression of the youth of tokyo.

Each independent cafe and shops have  their own unique style.

# 39
The  cherry blossom is the national symbol of japan.
In the april the tree flowered for only two weeks.And this period is known by the Name of Hanami.

# 40
The shibuya crossing of tokyo. It is the most busiest intersection of the world.

At the peak time over 3000 people cross road  at the same time and coming from all directions.

# 41
Did you know the "Ryōgoku District" of tokyo known for its fat man.


Because their are many of sumo academies and so tokyo.

sumo halls in thiexists.rict. 

And the sumo wrestlers are highly respected in japanese culture.

# 43
Did know the painting work of the sky tower of tokyo took a full year in paint. And its all work completely done by hands.

# 44
Mountain takao of the tokyo city is not the highest maintain of the world but it is the most visited mountain of the world due to its natural beauty.


# 45
Did you know their was a company which take your stuffed animal at travel without you.

# 46
The university of tokyo create a hologram which you can touch and feel.

# 47
Every tokyo train station have their own theme song.

# 48
Did you know their are 1 vending machine in tokyo for every 23 peoples of tokyo. 

# 49
The mountain mount fuji. Is one of the attracting thing of tokyo.

But it is clearly appear only 80 days in a year.

Also see this mountain in real if visit tokyo in clear days.


# 50
A facts is that the tokyo is almost destroyed in the world war II and by the massive earthquake of 1923.

But in now days is is counted in the world's most modern cities in the world.

# 51
In The henna na hotel of the tokyo all things done by the robots.

You meet a robot  dainasour in this hotel.

Here the waiters,receptors and all works done by robots.

# 52
Also visit tokyo if you are a fan mario because here you experience the real mario cart experience.

In the costume of your favourite character of mario.

# 53
Did you know the tokyo will be the host of 2021 olympic games.

# 54
A fact is that their are more then 4000 temples in tokyo.

# 55
This is for you dear
Share me in comments of you have a lny type of other new fact about the great city tokyo.

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