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35+ psychological facts about your beautiful smile ❤| Factmints



35 + psychological facts about 💋smile

Hey we all know what is smile. But their are manu of things about smile which you don't know. Like benefits of smile,types of smile,science behind smile,psychology of smiles.
Today I tell you some psychological facts about smiles and these all things about smile.

Are you ready????


# 1
Did you know people tend to more smile when you are with other peoples then alone.

# 2
Your language,your fashion may be a barrier in other countries. But your smile is universal sign of happiness.

# 3
A facts is that you smile more when their are some peoples available to react on smile.

# 4
Did you know you looking more confident and effective when you do smile.

# 5
Did you know new born human babies are born with the ability of smile.



# 6
Babies start smiling in their sleep as soon as they are born.

# 7
Did you know it makes wonder many scientist and researchers and it also make wonder you.

What kind of things a new born baby has to smile.

# 8
A facts is that and its found in many surveys that people who do smile they get more promotions.

# 9
Did you know that you live 7 years more when you do smiles frequently.

# 10
You also get a happy and relaxed life if you do smile regularly.


# 11
Did you know doing smile keep you stay away heart related and mental deceases.

# 12
Did you know your sound and your talk looking more friendly and effective when you talk with a smile.

# 13
Did you know that guys who do smiles they attracts more girls.

# 14
Did you know smiling also reduce your blood pressure.

Because when you smile you feel more relax and your blood pressure gone down.

# 15
Did you know that smile makes you more younger.

Your facial muscle are involved in the every type of smile.  Your facial muscles lift and they do a workout when you do a smile. And your facial muscle looks healthy by smiling. Which makes you more   younger.


# 16
Just do smiling helps you away from stress and other type of negative feelings.

# 17
The chance of finish a work successfully and with happiness and without angriness, stress when you keep do smiling while working.

# 18
Did you know smiling send your brain a message that all is cool and safe. Which release happy harmon in your brain.

# 19
Did you know you need less sleep when you do smile.

# 20
Watching the cute vedio and photo of a animal reduce your stress and makes you happy and smiley.


# 21
Did you know the smile is the most recognizable facial expression.

# 22
A person recognize your smile when you are 300 feet away.

# 23
Babies gives a cute and killer smile  but  boy babies do less smile then girl babies.

# 24
A study shows a women or girl looking 69% more attractive when she do smile.

# 25
A survey show that which happen in the sweden

People get difficulty in frowning and going angry. When they see some smiley things.


# 26
Did you know your body realese endorphins which make you feel better when you see some smiley peoples or smiley things.

# 27
Did you know smiles require 5 to 53 muscles from your body.

# 28
Did you know chimpanzees have the ability to smile and laugh like humans.

# 29
Rats also laugh when you tickled.

# 30
A survey says that you get smile back from 50% people's when you give smile to everyone.


# 31
When you asked people that what is the important asset of their personality 100 out if  7 people say that smile is the most important asset of personality.

# 32
Did you know smiles also keep away you from common cold. By gives a boost to your immunity system.

# 33
Did you know that a simple smile stimulates your mind. Which is equal to stimulation of 2000 chocolate bars.

# 34
Did you know your immune system gone 7 times more stronger then a frown and angry person if you do smiles regularly.

# 35
A facts is that smiling makes your face more attractive then wearing tons of makeup.


# 36
Did you know other persons found you more attractive when you smile more.

# 37
Did you know you looking 67% more attractive and beautiful when smile with showing your teeths in photo.

# 38
And some people's believe in that smile without showing our teeths make make them attractive.

I know you enjoy answer learn more about your beautiful smile.

Their are 10 main  types of smile.

You do wrong smile. Which spoil your image in other people eyes. And people judge you wrong due to your smile.

But don't worry here I tell you all meaning,benefits and conditions what you do right smile.

So lets know


Reward smile

Many smiles arise from positive feelings.
This smile is one from them.

In this smile you use use your mostly facial muscles.

Muscles in the mouths cheeks are both activated. Eye and brow areas are also activated.

Example: when a baby suddenly smiles at their mother. It triggers the dopamine reward center in the mothers brain.
Thus mother rewarded for her babies happiness.

(Dopamine is a happy harmone.)

# 2
Affiiliative smile

This type of smile people do when they show they are connected,trust worthy,belonging and they have good intentions for them.

In this smile you have to include the lip pressure. Your lips remain close during smile and your teeths are remain hidden.

# 3

The dominance smile

You use this smile when you want to show your superiority and to make feel others less powerful.

The feeling of dominance smile is totally change than reward or affiliative smiles.

In this smile your face goes asymmetrical.

One side of mouth rises and the other side of mouth remain same. The eyebrow rises too in this smile.

# 4
The duchenne smile
This is one of the gold standard thing in the world.

This smile is a sign of genuine enjoyment this smile you do when you really happy.

This is the only smile which use your cheeks,mouths, eyes and your whole face.

Duchenne smile makes you seem trustworthy,genuine and friendly.
They  generate more better customer services and get better tips who do this smile while talking.

A research happen on college year book photos. Which shows that which women's do duchenne smile in their photos. They were more likely to be happily happily marrige in their life.

An another study published in 2010

Researchers study on baseball cards from 1952 thy found that who do duchenne smile frequently they live longer then who smile less.

# 5
The embressed smile

A study found that people also smile when they are embresses .

In this smile you tilt downward your head and do a little bit of smile.

# 6
The fake smile

In this smile you just lift you cheeks and put some pressure to your lips.

# 7
The lie detector smile

You do this smile when someone tell you lie and you already know the truth.

In this smile your brain get a little bit of dopamine.

And you slowly lift your cheeks and with close lips for smile.

# 8
The flirtatious smile

This type of smile you do just someone do flirting on you. 

# 9


The lonely smile

In this smile you lift you cheeks slowly and smile softly.

You give this smile when you are alone with your all feeling. And remember your happy movements your life when do something foolish.

Actually this mile is healthy for your brain.

# 10
The sleepy smile

This smile you give when you awake from your sleep. And stretch your body with a freedom. And you slowly gives this smile.

This smile is make your day. Smile in the morning keep you charge for full day.


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