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65+ crazy psychological facts about sleep 💃|PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTS ABOUT SLEEP




65+ crazy psychological facts about sleep 💃

The sleep and stay sleeping is amazing . Here we watch our lovely dreams and enjoy without reason and also  enjoy  with our company.

Today we will know some amazing psychological facts about our lovely sleep.

Are you ready????��#

# 1
Did you know the relaxing classical helps you to fall asleep fastly.

# 2
Like humans trees also sleep in night by relaxing their branches and perk them up in the morning.

# 3
Did you know 40% people's of the world sleep on the same side of the bed.

# 4
Did you know you watch 3 to 4 times more dreams when you suffering from depression .

# 5
Do meditation if  you want a better and deep sleep.

Because many researchers says it helps then medicines.

# 6
60 to 67 fahrenheit is the best temperature for a deep and healthy sleep.

# 7
Did you know just believing in you sleepy well,even if you haven't .

Helps you to fall asleep faster and also gives you a deep and relaxing sleep.

# 8
Did you know people with higher IQ feel more difficulty in fall asleep.

Because their mind is too active then normal peoples. And their mind took more time to  stop thinking and going in relaxing mode.

# 9
Did you know you fall asleep fast and you get more deep sleep if you sleep after your lover.

# 10
Did you know peoples who sleep less then 7 hours.

They have 7% of chance to die prematurely.

# 11
A simple good night message from your friend or family improve you sleep quality and also save you from nightmares.

# 12
Getting a sleep less then 7 hours each night make you more depressed,angry and sad.

# 13
Did you know more then half american people's loose their sleep due to stress and anxiety.

# 14
Shift workers who shift night loose more sleep then who do shift of day.

# 15
A bad fact is that

The more you are creative the more you feel difficulty in sleeping  due to your mind.

# 16
Did you know a new born baby sleep 14 to 17 hours in a day.

# 17
If you takes less then five minutes for fall asleep. It means that you are sleep deprived.

# 18
On other side of you takes more then 7 minutes to fall asleep. It means you have insomnia.

Some times  insomnia patient took hours for going in sleep.

# 19
Did you know 60% of adults experience sleep problem at the same time of year.

# 20
Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder of the world.

# 21
Did you know womens need more sleep then mans.

Because their mind do more multitask work. Means they do work more harder and their mind took long time to get enough energy.

# 22
Did you know parents of a new born babies lose 6 month worth of sleep in the first two years of their baby life.

# 23
A fact is that a new born babies  impact mans sleep more then womens.

# 24
Did you know know human is the only mammal in the world who delay sleep.

# 25
You able to  live 30 days without food but you know you live only 11 days without sleep.

# 26
Did you know people who earns between 65£ to 75000£ every at get best sleep.

# 27
Did you know france is the country where peoples sleep averagely 8.83 hours per day.

According to studies ans researches The peoples of the france get best sleep of the world.

# 28
A fact is that peoples who fall asleep in less then  5 minutes they are sleep deprived and they live in the fear of falling asleep.

And this fear is called somniphobia.

# 29
Did you know the young peoples of high school need 9 to 10 hours of sleep.

Because their mind need more power for learning new things. And they also need many body changing hormone for growth.

# 30
But two thirds of us high school students get 8 hours of sleep on school nights. Which effect them a lot.

# 31
Did you know Each child in a mother's household increase her risk of getting insufficient sleep by 46%.

# 32
Did you know those peoples who fly regularly due to work. They have more risk of sleep deprivation.

Flying at high altitude gives you a  disturbed sleep due the lack of oxygen.

# 33
Did you know how peoples awake before alarm clock in old time.

Factories employed were knocked by a person on their bedroom window. For reach on work at time.

# 34
You get a better sleep if you sleep after taking a shower.

Because it gives you feeling of freshness.

# 35
Did you know one night without sleep effect your brain in the same way as 0.5 alcohol in your blood.

# 36
Did you know you the lack of sleep gives a lot of unhealthy weight.

# 37
A fact is that sleeping  too much time also increase your chances of early death.

# 38
In the school of china teachers allowed to sleep 20 minutes for better learning.

# 39
Some researches also says that a short nap of 20 minutes make you brain more fast and you helps you learn and understand things more easily.

# 40
According to NASA, a power nap of 26 minutes is the best sleep.

# 41
Did you know more then 1500 deaths in america are happen by falling asleep behind the wheel.

# 42
Did you know sleeping on your back is best position of sleep. It gives a natural relax to your back,your neck and your spinal.

# 43
Did you know in the night during sleep you go through three  stages of sleep.

# 44
Hey dear you sleep every night but did you know there a three stages of sleep .
Did you know  which stage of sleep is the most relaxable, what happen in each stage,And which stage gives you more energy.

I tell these all questions

So lets know three  stages of sleep


Awake stage 

This is the time which you spend on the bed before sleep and after sleep.

This is a sleep stage of before deep sleep

  • During this sleep
  • Your muscles relax
  • Your respirations slows
  • Your heart rate decrease
  • Your body temperature drops
  • And you began sleep.


The deep sleep

This is the most profitable part of your sleep in this sleep your are totally unconscious.

You stop feel any type of feeling and you all senses are closed.

In this sleep

  • Your brain flush out waste material from your brain
  • Your blood pressure drops
  • Tissue growth and cell repairs occurs
  • Repair hormone,growth harmone and harmon are realese


Rem sleep 

One,two stages repair your body and realese some harmon in your body.

But this stage is the real relax for your body this stage make your mind more energetic.

The more you spend time in this stage the more feel energy next day.

During rem sleep this happen with you

  • Your Respiration increase
  • Your Heart rate increase
  • Your brain activity goes higher
  • You body becomes immobile
  • Blood flow increase

These are some stages of your sleep

The REM stage of sleep is the most important stage of sleep

So dear lets know some facts about your REM sleep.

# 45
You spend 75% of your bed time in non RAM sleep.

# 46
Did you know during REM sleep your chemicals in your brain paralyse your muscles to stop you acting out your dreams.

# 47
Rapid Eye Movement is the full form of REM sleep.

# 48
Did you know the REM stage of sleep. Improve your problem solving ability and makes you more creative.

# 49
Did you know new  babies spend too much time in the RAM sleep.

But their mind is not fully developed for paralyse their muscles during RAM sleep.

And babies make sudden eratic movements in their sleep.

# 50
Did you know there was a law in new jersey. They have a law.

According to this law this is illegal to drive after being awake of 24 hours.

# 51
You can't sleep better and you face many sleep problems if you use your phone before sleep.

This all happens by your phone light which is blue.

According to studies and researchers the blue light is the most sensitive light. And this blue light increase the flow of melatonin in your brain.

Which keep your mind active while you using your phone. And by this blue light your mind also remain active when you leave your phone and go on bed for sleep.

And this also lead the insomnia which is a sleep disorder.

I suggest you to use blue light filter app in you phone before sleep you see the effect from first day.

# 52
Did you know sleeping under a weighted blanket improve your sleep quality and gives you a better sleep.

Even this helps a lot those peoples who lose their sleep due to anxiety and insomnia.

# 53
Did you know having a regular massage improve your sleep quality.

# 54
A regular psychical exercise of 20 to 30 minutes gives  you some extra hours of sleep.

# 55
Did you know 47% americans sleep in foetal position.

And womens are more likely to sleep in foetal position.

# 56
Did you know the wealthiest egyptians
Sleep in a uncomfortable neck posture rather then pillow to save their hair fancy hairstyle.

# 57
Did you know 130 babies save each year if womens sleep on their side rather then  on their back.

# 58
A fact is that sleeping with your socks increase your ability to reach on orgasm.

# 59
Did you know sleep without clothes improve your sleep and gives you a healthy and better sleep.

Because it remove tue blockage of blood in your body and you feel more relax and comfortable.

# 60
And 8% americans also sleep naked.

# 61
Did you know in 1849 tue David Atchison became the president of the united states for just one day.

But they the majority time of the day in sleeping.

# 62
Did you know There are more car accidents on the monday after the spring dst clock change,

due to sleep deprivation.

# 63
Did you know 1 out of 50 teenagers still wet their beds.

# 64
Did you know the time of RAM sleep decrease with your age.

# 65
Drinking coffee before badly effect to your sleep.

Because coffee is like drug which increase your blood flow and stimulate your body mind too.

Which make your body and brain more energetic and active.

And you know a energetic and active brain never fall in sleep.

# 66
The record of longest  period without sleep is 11 days.

This record is set by an Californian student in 1964.

# 67
Dysania is  state of sleep where peoples found very very difficult to leave their bed in the morning.

I know leaving bed is difficult but people with dysania find it more difficult.

Their are some facts about human sleep which gives you a lot of knowledge and it helps you to improve your sleep.

Also read some facts about attraction and friendship.

But here I tell you some interesting and funny facts about animals sleep which make you crazy.

Some facts about animals sleep🐅

# 1
Did you know ants not sleep they just take a nap which is no longer then one minute.

And the total time is equal 4 to 5 hours in a day.

# 2
The queen ant of the group sleep 9 hours in a day.

# 3
Did you know octopuses also sleep like humans  and they also sleep in the RAM stage of sleep .

# 4
They change their body color when they are in RAM stage of sleep.

# 5
Did you know giraffes sleep for just 20 minutes in a day.

# 6
Did you sea otters  sleep on the water. And they hold their back in the fear of drifting on the water.

# 7
Did you know the dolphins sleep only for 2 hours in a day.

# 8
Did you know the alpine swift named bird fly switzerland to west africa without stopping. 

It is unclear if they sleep or take short nap while flying.

# 9
The brown bats spend 20 hours in sleeping from their 24 hours.

And they sleep upside to down.

# 10
Did you know elephants, camels and cows can sleep standing by their legs.

# 11
Did you know snails are able to sleep regular for three years.

They reduce their metabolism rate for live without food .

Hey dear these are some facts about sleep 

I hope you enjoy and learn a lot from these ac

Also read some more interesting facts for more learning and for more enjoy.


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