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  💕10+ habits that make you more creative🙄 Creative people are amazing some people are highly creative from their childhood. But creativity is not birth blessing Good news is that   every person being creative by adopting some habits.  So here are 10 Habits that make you creative.  1. Wake up early 🌅 Waking up early have a huge number of benefits. Waking up early also makes you more creative.  Because at this time the frontal cortex ( a part which is responsible for creativity) is on its peak. I personally suggest you to spend some time alone without music.   It gives your mind some time for show its creativity.    2. Do daydreaming 😊 Doing day dreaming makes you more creative.  Because you know outer world have many of limitations.  But in your brain you are free to do anything.  Your free thinking makes you more creative.  A 2012 study shows that daydreaming help us to consolidate memories and improve our long term decision making power. A 2013 meta analysis shows that day dre

45+ psychological facts about 💋


Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

45+ psychological facts 

about 💋

The kiss is amazing this give us a joy and make our relationship deep.

Today we will know some

Psychological facts about kissing.
And many of things about kissing which improve your kissing a lot.

Are you curious???

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 1
Did you your your brain release oxytocin in your brain when you kiss your lover.

Oxytocin a harmon which make two peoples bond stronger.

# 2
Mens are more likely to do kiss before kiss,  and women more likely do kiss after sex.

# 3
Prostitute avoid kissing  their client mouths to  reduce the likelihood of bonding.

# 4
Did you know mens more then women using kiss in an attempt to end fights.

# 5
Did you know 65% people of the world's population tilt their head right side while kissing.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 6
While kissing, a guy pass testosterone to their female lover. Which is male sex harmon and it also increase the fertility of womens.

# 7
A fact is that kissing make your heart beat faster and pumps more blood to your brain. Which is very healthy for your brain.

# 8
Did you know a fear exist which is called fear kissing and its name is philematophobia.

# 9
Did you know more then 95% mens and womens like to rub their nose while kissing.

# 10
Kissing increase the flow of saliva in your mouth which gives a plaque-dispersing bath to your teeths.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 11
Did you know the 10% of the world's population does not kiss.

# 12
When two peoples do kiss they exchange 10 million to 1 billion  becterias.

# 13
Women pay more then man attention to clean their teeth and to clean their breath Before kissing.

# 14
Did you know an average person 20,160 minutes in kissing.

Approximately two weeks.

# 15
Its is possible for a women to reach on orgasm while kissing.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 16
Did you know science have a special branch for study on kissing and its called philematology.

# 17
Peoples kissing at weddings because it is way to seal the souls in ancient times.

# 18
Did you know kissing your lover 10 times in a day fail morphine in reducing pain.

# 19
You can find your lovers lips in the dark due to some nerves of your brain.

# 20
When someone stares your mouth while kissing it means that person have desires to kiss you.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 21
The frequency of kissing in a relationship show the quality of your relationship.

# 22
Did you know the kissing stimulate 29 muscles if your body. And release many chemicals in your brain.

# 23
Did you know the kissing is the best way to reduce your stress.

# 24
When you kiss your lover first time you get a spike in your neurotransmitter dopamine.

Which give you happiness and keep you energetic full day.

# 25
Psychopaths are more likely to kissing with their open eyes.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 26
Did you know regular kissing keep your relationship away from cheating.

# 27
Did you know the dogs are the most kissable pets of the world.

# 28
Did you know an average women kiss 28 peoples before marriage.

# 29
Person's who kiss their wives every morning they live 7 years more who don't do kiss.

# 30
Did you know your  lips are 100 times more sensitive then any other part of your  body.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 31
Many animals do kiss like humans.
Cows,chimpanzees ans any other people's do kiss their animal lover.

# 32
The average time of first kiss in the uk is 15.

# 33
Did you know kissing for one minute burn your 26 calories.

# 34
Did you know 90% people of the world do kisses.

# 35
Did you know only one kiss require 146 muscles. 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles.

Psychological-facts about-kissing

A fact is that womens more likely to kiss in a relationship then mans.

# 37
Did you know kissing on the bad make hard for your sleeping. Because it release many happy and stimulated harmon in your brain. Which make hard to sleep you.

# 38
Did You know The muscle you used to lock your lips is called "orbicularis muscle".

# 39
Did you know our lips are hardly wired for to fire up the brain and pats of our body.

# 40
Did you know why 10% peoples of the world not do kissing.

I tell you

These 10% peoples believe in that their mouth is the window of their souls if they kiss their lover their souls are stolen or exchange.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 41
1927 is the year when when 2 peoples do first kiss on the screen.

# 42
Did you know in nevada it is legal to kiss with a mustache.

# 43
Did you know the kissing your wives in public is not legal in all countries.

Once a saudi arabian man was arrested for hugging or kissing a women. He was found guilty and he sentenced to  three sets of 30 lashes each. Plus four months in prison.

What you think about this fact tell me in the comments.

# 44
A fact is that

Once a women in china lost his hearing by kissing.

The kiss reduced the pressure in the  mouth. Which pulled the eardrum out,
And caused the breakdown of the ear.

# 45
Did you know on july,16,1439 king henry VI ban kissing in the england, to reduce the spreading of deceases in the england.

Psychological-facts about-kissing
Psychological-facts about-kissing

# 46
Did you know the average time of kissing is increase from ancient time.

It is 5 seconds in 18th century but it is 12 seconds today.

# 47
Did you know in the 1930 the hays code banned the kissing in a horizontal position  and limited the duration of kiss not to longer then 3 seconds.

# 48
Did you know the butterflies kiss their partners.

# 49
This is for you if you have your own kissing experience share it in comments.

Also read your other articles which helps to improve you a lot.






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