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85+ crazy psychological facts about guys🕴| TO BETTER UNDERSTAND GUYS

  85+ psychological facts about guys🕴 When the topic is come to opposite sex we think that they are similar to us.  But their are many differences in thinking of a guy and a girl. Here you know 85+ psychological facts about guys 👦 You understand and improve your thinking a lot. After reading this article. # 1 Men loved it when girls flirt with him. # 2 Guys always hate that girls who are superior in any skill then him. # 3 Did you know guys love to chase girls. And chasing a girl is like adventure for guys. # 4 Guys love those girls who have a healthy weight with a beautiful mind. # 5 Mans are not emotionally intelligent then girls. They often fail to show their emotions.��#.   On other side girls smartly show their emotions and get a lot of benefit. # 6 Did you know guys love to receive compliment from others especially from girls. They also do back bites for compliments. # 7 Guys like that girls who are less dominating . # 9 A study found that guys love