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Hey we all have a pretty good idea what is attracted us in  a person. And what others see attractive in us. Today we know some amazing psychological facts about attraction. Which helps you to looking attractive.



# 1
Women more attracts on that person who smile but less then others.

# 2
Did you know dog owners(both men's and women's ) more luck to scoring a good date.

# 3
Symmetrical faces of men's or womens are looking more attractive then non-symmetrical faces. Because our mind love symmetry in every thing.

# 4
You find others more attractive when you are in the influence of alcholol.


# 5
Did you know most of the time attractive 
Defendants found innocent in court.

# 6
Did you know nurses are tend to more time with healthy and beautiful babies in the comparison of other babies.

# 7
Men often attracts on that womens who are younger from them. And womens offer attracts on older mans then they are.

# 8
The purpose of female permanent swallen best is attraction.

# 9
When the topic of perfect dates. Men's are often most concerned on the weight of a women.


# 10
Did you know a women looking more hot,sexy and attractive in red dress then any other color.

# 11
A more attractive politician often receives a great amount of media coverage then other less attractive politicians.

# 12
Many of reseracg shows that many high paying and high positions jobs are held by attractive peoples.

# 13
A man more attracts on a girl if she have same bone structure like their his mother.

# 14
You looking 20% to 80% more attractive when you talk about your interest.


# 15
A women find a man more attractive when she find other womens attracts on him.

# 16
Womens are biologically attracts on bad boys. Because traits are resemble the strength and bravery.

# 17
Did you know a simple smile make you 80% attractive.

# 18
When a women attracts to man, she speaks in higher pitch then normal.

# 19
Women are automatically attracts on those guys who  make some efforts to start a conversation with them.


# 20
Did you know the more you attracts on a person sexually the more hard for you to tell lie to them.

# 21
Women who live with their older fathers they are mostly attracted on older people.

# 22
Both mans and womens are attracts on that person who have different genes then their own they have.

# 23
You are looking more attractive in a girls eye when you use word beautiful to describe a girls beauty instead of sexy and hot.

# 24
A fact is that mans who feel hunger frequently, they preferred girls with higher weight.


# 25
Did you know you more attracts on those person who are like you.

# 26
A man more attracts on those womens who are helathy and fertile.

# 27

Did you know teachers in school often rate students talent and abilities by a child's attractiveness.

# 28
A research shows that americans spend more money on beauty products then they doing on their education.

# 29
A girl more perfer taller and mucline boy.


# 30
Man with deeper voice attracts more women because a deeper voice show the strong sense of humour and sincerity.

# 31
A study shows that moms spend more time and care more their attractive babies then their other babies.

# 32
A person raise their eyebrows when they attracts on you.

# 33
Girls are attracts more on those guys who are mysterious and surprise people's time to time.

# 34
Girls never like those guys who have belly.


# 35
A girl always wants that their mate is different and most attractive guy in the group.

# 36
A study shows that the attractiveness shows the quality of genes they recieve.the more attractive a person looking the more better genes he receive from their parents.

# 37
The color red increse your value. Because red color unconsciously shows higher reputations and higher status.

# 38
Did you know a man is also looking attractive by their smell and by their voice.

# 39
A research shows that we are looking more attractive in a person's eye when we do mirroring a person.


# 40
A strong jawline in boys is a good sign of attraction because this is sign of strength.

# 41
When looking for perfect dates womens are often concerned on the height of a guy. Because height of a guy sign of strength.

# 42
Peoples are more likely judge a person positive is that person is attractive.

# 43
Did you know a beautiful face attracts more partners then a sexy body.

# 44
Fit legs of a women are the sexiest and mostly attractive part of a women according to men's.


# 45
Facial hairs are important in guys because 56% women's attracts on mans facial hairs.

# 46
A man looking more handsome and cooler on the color blue. And the chances of attracts womens are increase twice.

# 47
If someone like you, they lean towards you while talking.

# 48
Did you know when a guy likes a women  he flex his muscles and 
Take a posture which show him strong and taller.

# 49
Red lipistic makes a women 50% more attractive and sexier.


# 50
People of your gender judge you more seriously if you are attractive.

# 51
Sunglasses makes a man more sexier and attractive because it helps you  to looking sexier and attractive.

# 52
Womens are more attractive on those guys who give them equal smile in a conversation.

# 53
Womens also attracts on those guys who have broad shoulders and narrow waist.

# 54
Womens with big boobs attracts more guys because big books are sign of fertility.


# 55
Did you know an average person looking more attractive in their genders eyes. Because average is a sign of good health and good genes

# 56
People looking more attractive when they looking other people looking them and smiling at them.

# 57
Guys with higher level of teststerone attracts more girls beacuse it is a shows the strength.

And girls with higher level of estrogen attracts more guys because it shows a higher level of fertility.


# 58
You are looking g more attractive in a conversation when you makes a good  contact.




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